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Why India should be on your bucket list?

India is a land that enraptures travelers with its awe-inspiring beauty, astounding vistas and culture that will paint each of your moment in the most vivid colors. The soil that offers a whole new experience to tour enthusiasts is synonyms with diversity. Lavished with the choicest blessings of Mother Nature from the length to the breadth, the landmass is one of the most sought after names in the dictionary of a traveler who wishes to enjoy a whole new experience and is open to take upon new challenges. Unable to get away from the charisma of the nation that stands at the seventh place in terms of its area is also favored for its geography and physical conditions that make it a destination that can be explored at all times of the year. From snow-covered mountains, sun-kissing beaches, revered temples & shrines, crowded marketplaces, ethnic villages and diverse culture, the nation has a lot more in store than your expectations. Moreover, if you are a history buff searching out for historic forts and places that still embrace the legacy of its rulers, then the centuries old history of this South Asian nation is surely going to spellbound you. And if you are a foodie who has an appetite to taste in all the mystic flavors out there then you can taste some scrumptious delights each of which will be a feast for your taste-buds.

Why ARV Holidays Pvt. Ltd.?

Being in the travel circuit for the past 5 years, ARV Holidays Pvt. Ltd. offers round the clock customer support to garner each of your queries at any hour of the day. Our travel personnel are not just adept experts committed to their profession, but are more of a friend ready to let you choose the best travel package for your getaway. Our utmost joy & success lies in gaining your 100% satisfaction.

ARV – The Website

ARV Holidays is your encyclopedia on each and every highlight of the nation that must be on your travel list. From the best of places, attractions, hotels & resorts, we have it all under one roof. From the most amazing facts to travel ideas that can make your getaway more of a journey, ARV Holidays has segmented each and every information & facts within specific categories that allows easy access of your desired destination and location.

How to Book Your India Tour

Book your getaway with and avail the most exciting the deals & discounts on your Indian getaway. Each of the tour packages offered by us is designed by experienced travel experts from the industry and thus ensures the most exciting holidaying opportunity. And with all of the Indian destinations lined in our catalogue, you can save your precious time and come up with the finest holiday packages. All that you have got to do is send us a query with all your necessities and our experts will soon get back to you and help to book out your Indian escape within few minutes.

Customize Your Tour

Understanding the needs of travelers, we at ARV Holidays offer customizable tour packages as per your specifications and travel needs. Our tour executives note each of the minute detail and thus come up with the finest package suited to your requirements. Get ready to travel with us!!!!

Memorable Journey with ARV Holidays

We had a very good experience with ARV Holidays. The stay & Tourist guide with travel was all comfortable. We got a good support from ARV Team. Thank you

Date of experience: November 2018

Warm regards

Great work

We had best experience with them. Our requirements were taken care of. Everything was organised and scheduled properly. Will definitely consider them in future.

Date of experience: December 2018

Warm regards

Golden Triangle Tour

I booked the Golden Triangle tour with ARV holidays. We were unable to see some of the attractions due to timings not being well planned but overall was a pleasant trip. But thank you to Rajesh who booked amazing hotels for us and our driver...

Date of experience: December 2018

Warm regards

I went for the Village Tour of Rajasthan from ARV Holidays. The tour package was a value saver and amazing because I could catch the glimpse of pastoral settings and Rajasthan culture. The tour included local transportation and it is the reason I could reach out to even the smallest village. The journey was comfortable. Best wishes ARV Holidays.
Warm regards
Ram Juneja, New Delhi.

I am a staunch Buddhist, and there is no need to say that I firmly believe in Buddhist philosophy. I wanted to go on a pilgrimage to Buddhist sites. What I felt was that it was not possible to visit all Buddhist places in India… Not even two were possible either. And then while searching; I came across special tour options titled - On the Footprints of Lord Buddha at ARV Holidays. This is what I was looking for. The price tag of package was perfect. And the hospitality of these guys was up than average. And this is the reason I am recommending them.
Onima Pakran – Arunachal Pradesh -Once a Buddhist, Always a Buddhist

Rajasthan Village & Wildlife Photography Expedition at ARV Holidays was an opportunity and not just a tour package for me. I was on a mission from Canada to shoot wildlife in Rajasthan and whole of India. I took the advantage of this package. I shot lovely close-ups. But first it was ARV Holidays, who made everything possible.
Nice day Samuel Mattews, Winnipeg, Canada.

The Ethnic Textile Tour of India brought me close to Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Sambhalpur, Boudh and many other places, rich in textiles. The tour changed my outlook towards the Indian textiles. It helped me to increase the textile business. I wish good luck to the youthful team of ARV Holidays. The tour operators at ARV Holidays are innovative.
Sam Khanna. Mohali, Punjab

I am thankful to ARV Holidays for completing my research on Tribal population of India. The package offered to me was Tribal Tours of India, and the package was quite economical. I covered almost 70 % of tribal areas of India. All thanks for the goodie team at ARV Holidays.
Atul Kulshreshtha, Kanpur

Hi Anup,

Thank you for advising us on this fantastic Golden triangle with Haridwar, Rishikesh Plan. We were so happy throughout the trip in all the places and with all arrangements. All the hotels booked were decent,neat and clean. Cab driver Murari is always on time and very helpful. Especially guides arranged at Delhi and Jaypur are excellent people. They have thorough knowledge on the historic places. We are so impressed by ARV holidays package plans and thorough guidance. We are so thankful to you for always available for our calls, explaining queries. We are planning our next trip to Kerala with ARV holidays in the coming years. Thanks to Sandeep for providing all the details.
Warm regards
Gopinatha Rao Ravipalli

Afternoon Rakesh

Our experience in India and Nepal was excellent.
Thank you for a well planned trip. Our driver was fantastic and seemed to be an very experienced driver. The hotel were great that you booked us in, just a few minor details like wi-Fi not always working, and probably because we didn't go on holiday in peak season the hotel restaurants had set times
Thank you for your service.
Kind regards

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Hello Mr. Rakesh,

Sorry this feedback has been taking so long, it has been a busy month settling down in Germany, with my new job and such.
The tour we took was excellent! The sites we got to visit were wonderful and we were given enough time to truly explore them. You were very hospitable, as well as Mr. Raviii. Unfortunately our driver made us a little uncomfortable when he stopped twice to drop off fruit to give to a friend and one other time. Also, our tour guide in Jaipur was very kind as well but seemed a bad impatient. Our last tour guide in Agra was the most impatient, a little aggressive and seemed a bit irritated when we would have questions. Other than that all of them knew the history of each site and either way, it was an excellent trip. The hotels were wonderful! The rooms were nice and seemed to get better and better each night. The hospitality of India is superb. My mother and I really enjoyed it. Also, it was nice to have our own driver the whole trip and our own personal tour guide, it was really helpful, and I tell anyone that it's the best route to go.
I have no other suggestions except to warn people about the hawkers, other than that, your tour is truly fantastic and I would like to use your company again in the future.
Warm regards
Arlena Durant

Hi Rakesh

Thank you for your hospitality, and you commitment to offering great customer service. Overall, our experience dealing with you was great. You were professional, friendly, and always eager to help us. Thank you sincerely for that. With regards to the tour itself, below are a few comments for your reference. Some things you can change, others are beyond your control.
Hotels: In general the quality of hotels are below international standards. In most countries, hotels are star graded and this provides an international standard so guest know what to expect. However, even though we requested 4 star hotels, we felt that many were more like a 1 star hotels. The lack of proper cleaning of the rooms, the uncomfortable beds, the lack of proper building maintenance, the minimal and very poor breakfast selection, and bad quality linen… all work together to provide a low customer satisfaction.
Drivers: In general the drivers were very friendly, and always on time. The last driver that we had could bare speak English, so this proved to be difficult.
The guides were generally well informed and knew what they were talking about. Below are a few comments about certain guides: - Mangesh (Mumbai), he was generally friendly and pleasant, however as we progressed through our journey in India, we came to feel a little cheated by him. We told him that we wanted to purchase eastern clothing and tailor made outfits. He took us to three shops, where he explained that it started from the highest price to the lowest. At that point we were gratefull for his input. Until later in our trip, we realised that the highest prices shop was the government shop, and the supposedly lowest price was his friends shop, who inflated the price because our expectation for the garment price was based on the tourist shop price that he took us to first. So this trick was misleading, When we returned to Mumbai, we went shopping ourself and noticed the same items in other stores for approx. 60%-70& cheaper. We also advised Mangesh that we wanted to visit Ghandi market, and he told us that the area we went shopping in was Ghandi market just called a different name by the locals. This was a lie, because when we went back to Mumbai, we realised that Ghandi market was a completely different place.
Guides: The guide in Delhi was good, however despite us telling him NOT to take us to government shops. He took us to three of those shops in one day. Which wasted a lot of time. Other than that, he was great.
India appears to have been a beautiful place in its glory days, but pollution, tourist traps, dirty streets, neglect and abuse of animals, noise, has turned this magical land into a less than desirable tourist destination. The department of tourism needs to be more actively involved in resolving these issues.
Warm regards, and best wishes for your success.

Hello Rakesh

I am so sorry for the late reply , I want really to give u my feedback on ARV Holidays and India . First of all it was a very memorable experience for both of us me and my sister we are so lucky to experience India with ARV Holidays , it is not just words you were so helpful and understanding Rakesh .
Also you have organized our trip very well starting from the sequence of the historical visits to the car it was so comfortable and shiva is a great driver and helpful as well , also we have enjoyed every single part of India even though we got mad because of the tour guides , this was our only concerns but u did ur best to help us , I know that very well but regarding this concern on the tour guides , I want just to give you my feedback , my suggestion that you should get a tour guide who can speak a good English I am talking about the accent in order to understand them well cause the main reason of our trip is to know the history of india and the best tour guide was in Fatehpur Sikri, besides that everthing was excellent seeing the TAJ MAHAL the beautiful Pink city Japiur is the best city I have learnt alot of things about india an indians , we are really pleased we have been able to experience india and for sure we will visit india again with ARV Holidays and we will recommend it to all of the egyptians , and say hi to pushpendra I know that i am writing his name in a wrong way , but he was the first indian who pick us from the airport and welcome us , he is a really good and nice person ( I miss India and i will come back soon )
thanks so much for your effort with us all over the trip
face best regards
norah and yosra

Hi Rakesh

I would like thank you and your staff for a most memorable holiday that I, and a friend, were able to enjoy in India. Having only got your details through the internet and having no personal recommendation to your comany I was not sure if I was doing the right thing. However, I must stress that our holiday was amazing. From the moment we arrived in Delhi until we got to Mumbai airport for our return flight home. Everything we had been promised was delivered. If we did not do something on our itinerary it was of our own choice. Our Driver was such a pleasant and helpful gentleman., Never once did he not open and shut the door for me. He was always pointing out things on our trips between the cities/towns that we would probably have not even noticed. Ladies in the fields, marble mountains, monkeys and even a deer or some sort. Not too familiar with the buck, as we call them in this country. It is a pity that we were not able to tip this man with the true reward that he deserved. We did tip him but as South Africans our tips were a bit conservstive due to our weak currency.
Our guides were find. Some better than others but the best was the gentleman in jodapur who took us to a local market area where we walked through the crowds etc. He was so tolerant and patient as we wanted to shop and have a good look at everything. ( I think that was Jodapur) The gentleman that I had dealt with on the internet in preparing the holiday was Rakesh Rajak. Rakesh really did have to tolerate and lot of correspondence with chopping and changing ideas, queries and having to reudce costs due to our currency situation. All along Rakesh went out full blast to make me happy.
Rakesh met us at the airport and made sure we were settled into our hotel. He really made us feel very welcome and put any of our concerns re safety etc to rest.
Throughout our 16 days of touring Rakesh was continually in n touch with me on a daily basis to ensure all was OK and to attend to any queries or complaints.
Any requests or really minor complaints were addressed immediately. He really was a tremendous help and I cannot thank Rakesh enough for his constant assistance on this trip.
Whilst in Mumbai, my friend and I were not sure whether we wanted to do the Elephant caves. We cancelled the tour but the next day ( late) we decided we did want to go after all.
This obviusly messed Rakesh around and I am sure he had to really act quickly to ensure that we could still do the next day. We had to then pay for our own ferry across to the Island but on our return Rakesh had already sent someone with the money to refund our fares. How amazing was that?
It was not a large amount but he fulfilled all his promises as per the itinery.
I would highly recommend ARV holidays to anyone of my friends and I would certainly advise them to try and deal with Rakesh. This guy is hands on 100% in his job.
I thank you all again for a wonderfully exciting and awesome tour.

Eileen Hart
  • gallery thumbnailgallery thumbnail

Hi Mohit

I am home and settled and have managed to find time to go through my pics of Nepal. I am not a great photographer but I think you can still tell I had a great time. Thanks for arranging it for me. Use any pics if you want. Probably my favorite part was elephant bathing, even though I an sure that is how I got amoebic dysentery. I think I would do it again even knowing I was going to get sick.
Have you managed to find an email address for Air India that does not kick back my email I really want to send it to them. Do you know what hotel they put me in?

faceThanks again for everything.

Hello Anubhav

Hope you are well.
We really enjoyed our trip to India.
Everything went superbly. The booking was easy, the itinerary ideal, the guides friendly and professional and Dilip our driver outstanding! All the sites you arranged for us to see were fabulous and the guides gave us enough information to appreciate the history. They also gave us time to explore by ourselves which was appreciated.
Dilip was punctual, professional and friendly. He was always willing to answer questions and to point out interesting sites along the way. The restaurant that we went to on our last night was very good. food was excellent, staff attentive and friendly. Although the hotels were ok personally we would have preferred all of them to have a bar. Also although the room at the Jevitesh was lovely ,it was noisy(constant hum) and the breakfast choice very restrictive . Overall we had a wonderful trip , saw some amazing sites and met some lovely people. So thank you again for organising our trip and helping make it a memorable one!

face Best wishes
Linda and Terry Saunders

Dear Jaswinder,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for planning a lovely India vacation for my family. Everything went very smoothly. We had a wonderful time.

face Sheila Fischweicher (USA)

Hi Arun,,

Thank you for all your help it was wonderful experience in touring with ur service. And definitely balkrishna was very good person to be around.
Give my best regards to all ur staff they are doing wonderful job and I will definitely send some more people from my circle.

face Nice day
Hiren Patel

Hi jaswinder,

I had an amazing time touring round India learning about its history and seeing some amazing buildings. The accommodation was excellent and support from Jaswinder was superb.
faceThanks very much
Judith Funnell (Great Britain)

Dear miss manjusha,

Hope you are in the best of mood and health
Me and my husband thank you alot for the help you offer to us during our trip to india. Your well organization added alot to the beauty of your country.Your immidate response to our inquires is much appreciate by us.Every thing was very organizied .
we hope to come back again
Mona Ismail (Egypt)

Dear Jaswinder,

we had a great time with our first trip to Agra and Delhi even only for few days. We did really achieved our purpose of our visit and that was to have our sweet bonding moments in a place somewhere....and the Taj Mahal was just that perfect choice over the others we were considering prior to the trip. It was very educational and very interesting for both of us. Our Tour Guide (Niren) and Photographer (we just met him there and offered his service) were so helpful who made the Agra trip more memorable for us with those historical inputs and moments captured with such lovely sweet beautiful photos. They were very professional and polite. Indeed, everything went smoothly throughout till the last minute for us. We felt we were taken cared of well enough. From our arrival at the airport we were treated special by your colleagues (Satish, Dinesh and Niren) that made us feel relaxed immediately and convinced that you have prepared and organized well for our arrival. Thank you for giving us a chance to enjoy Agra, particularly the Taj Mahal because this will be an unforgettable moment.
We shall be back!
Thank you again for your team that also includes the Driver (but I did not get their names). They were just so quiet but ensured our safety. Our best regards,
faceRizalina and Freddie (UAE)

Hi Manjusha,

We are back to Doha after having a beautiful tour to Kerala
and wanted to thank you for your efficient services. Trip was very nice., All hotels were good.
Our car and especially our driver Michael was a very good person. Overall experience was wonderful and our trip was memorable. I am giving your reference to all my colleagues and friends, who are interested to visit Kerala, hope you would deal with them with same efficiency.
My regards and thanks to you.


Dear Mr Singh,

Thank You to make my vacation from great to FANTASTIC, i still can't forgot how beautiful Taj Mahal.
Annisa Rezky (UAE)


I wish to thank you for all your support during our trip to India recently. Always smiling and patient with us deafies! Your peaceful temperament makes the trip worthwhile.
Once again, thanks.
faceKind Regards, Avanda (Carter) UK

Hi jaswinder

Thank you for being an excellent tour guide for my recent holiday to India. You looked after the group very well and we all felt comfortable with you
You gave us plenty of information and tips for our holiday
The hotels you took us to were good except for the one at Agra - the bedding were damp and the room smelt damp too. Not good quality for that hotel.
It was nice to see you working well with the driver and the young man who served us water every day and made sure we got off and on the coach safely.
Thank you for everything
faceMarion Jones (United Kingdom)

Hi Manjusha

I would like to say thank you for the organisation of the trip. We had a good holiday and our driver was good.
I will be recomending your company to friends.
faceKind regards

Hi Jaswinder,

I hope that you have fully recovered from Diwali and you trip with our group.
I just wanted to write to thank you for all your hard work arranging out holiday, we all had a fantastic time and really appreciate your efforts. It was lovely to finally get to meet you after corresponding for so long and I wanted to wish you and your family all the very best for the future.
I will certainly recommend your services and if I were ever to return to India will be sure to contact you or your company.
faceThank you in anticipation.
Kindest Regards

Dear madam

It was nice journey we both have experienced .The whole arrangement right from volvo bus ,hotel himgiri & local sight seeing was extremely nice .I personally thank all your team members for ur precious effort put up together .
One request you to provide Volvo & alto bills (invoice) so that I can Claim in my organisation .
faceThank you,
yogesh & sanchali

Dear Sir,

I am writing to express my appreciation for the quality of service you offered me the days of my stay at the Hotel Himgiri. Despite the many offers I received from other hotels, I decided for you because of the unbeatable deal you offered me. It was a good decision; I enjoyed the peace and quiet I needed, offered in all the facilities of your hotel. This definitely added to the excellent service of the staff.
I will definitely recommend your hotel to friends and family, and I’m sure I’ll be back on vacation. I hope to get the same quality of service when I return. Thanks again, see you soon.
faceThanks & Regards,

Hi Pawan,

Good Morning.
Thank you for perfectly organized trip. We had an excellent experience on this trip. ASHOK was the perfect driver. Very friendly and helpful Always on time.
We already recommended your company to our friends
faceThanks & Regards,
Anatoly & Sima

Dear Ms.Deepa,

It’s very good experience with Arv Holidays Pvt. Ltd., very well managed & handled the facility.
I will suggest my friends to explore the travel facility with Arv Holidays Pvt. Ltd.. ( cab, hotel service all are good). Over all rating its GOOD.
Gopabandhu Choudhury

Dear Jass,

Nirmala & I thank you and your team for making our travel arrangements beyond our satisfaction.
Our Rajasthan Tour - “Splendid Cultural Heritage” was catered to our interest and need. We thoroughly enjoyed the sightseeing. All the hotel accommodations were nice, pleasant and met our expectation, we had lovely stay with them. Our automobile was very comfortable and we can’t say enough for our driver Ashok, very professional, polite, punctual, a very safe driver and above all very caring. We felt very safe in his company.
We appreciated, you arrange our sightseeing in Bombay and surroundings in a very short notice.
We thank you and your team again and hope to see your team again in future.
faceNirmala & Dilip Makwana... (Canada)

Hi Jas

Firstly the trip was very well organised, it was easy to communicate with you and your responses were always quick and accurate. We enjoyed all your recommendations, all the hotels except for the last night and day in Delhi ( the airport hotel ), the rest was great. Our drivers and our guides were fantastic. They were really special and paid attention to all details, always looking out for our comfort, being very inspirational and very well informed. They really made us fall in love with the people from India.
The sights were all beautiful and we enjoyed every bit.
The tour was really fantastic and everything was on schedule and we never had to worry about anything!
faceThank you for an awesome holiday!

faceHello Jaswinder,

How are you and thank you for the trip well planned. We enjoyed the trip and glad we took the tour.We are back home, tired and happy. There are alot of memories from the trip.
thank you

Dear Jaswinder

I must apoligise for not emailing you earlier. We had come back home and had to adjust to our normal life but I had found that my sleep patterns had changed and I was sleeping much more, both at night and some times during the day. I am now gone back to the normal routine.
Thank you for organising a very, very good holiday for us. From the time we were picked up at the airport by Devendra on our arrival to the last day, the organisation was first class. Thank you very much. The hotels were very good. When we come for another visit to India, we would like hotels close to the city centre, so that we get a feel of the city.
We were very pleased with all our guides except the guide in Fatehpur Sikri who was more interested in extyorting a donation for the Mosque than giving us indepth information. We also did not enjoy Ajmer where, the people harass you for donations for the mosque.
We would like to thank our driver/guide/companion sincerely for driving us safely for almost three weeks. Ashok Kumar was a fantastic companion and he went the extra distance to see to our comfort. He was very supportive when my wife was unwell on two occassions and went out of his way to get her the diet drinks. We really enjoyed his company. Please convey our sincere thanks to him and inform him that I miss the food in that we had in the Dhabas. We are sorry that we did not get the chance to meet when we came back from Kashmir.
I shall inform all my friends and relatives about our experiences in India and the exceptional arrangements that you made for us.
I am sorry that we did not meet. Thank you for arranging a fantastic holiday for us
faceStrini Pillay .

Dear Ma'am

Just wanted to say thank you to Arv Holidays and to you you for organising the trip. Me and my friend had a great time and really enjoyed the sights of the golden triangle. We also had a brilliant time at the choki dinner in Jaipur. We had our photo taken there when we dressed up ( see picture attached).
The driver was lovely too and we felt very safe.
faceThank you,
Sarah and Sophie

Hi Nancy,

Rafya and I had an amazing trip to Kerala. We enjoyed ourselves very much. Thanks to you and your team. Everything was absolutely perfect and we are looking forward to coming back to India. We will definately tell our friends about your warm welcomes and the great time you provided to us.
We will try to return to India next year and will contact you soon. ( Thank you again :)
Sofiah & Rafya

Hola Samuel,

Lamento que no tuve la oportunidad de saludarte personalmente durante mi viaje por La India. Quiero agradecerte el excelente servicio que nos dieron. Todo el personal que nos atendio fue super profesional. Los hoteles escogidos fueron de nuestro agrado. Una sola sugerencia: nos sentimos con algo de ansiedad en par de ocasiones al bajarnos del tren y no encontrar a los guias. Especialmente en Hardiwar, donde despues de 20 min nos encontro el guia, nos estabaa esperando en una de las dos salidas de la estacion. Ojala estubieran esperando exactamente en donde se bajan los pasajeros del bagon. Ustedes pedirian a los turistas que se bajen del bagon y permanecer ahi parados hasta que el guia los encuentre. Ponte en el lugar nuestro. Nos bajamos del tren. Primera vez en ese pais, con el gran shock cultural que ese pais ofeece. De repente bajarse del tren y despues de buscar 5 y 10 min sin encontrar a nuestro guia, no fue nada comodo. Ojala quieran considerar eso para hacer aun mas comoda la experiencia al turista. De ahi en mas, cero queja. Felicidades a tu emprrsa. No dudare en recomendarlos a cualquier persona que yo sepa que quiere visitar la India. Saludos desde America.
Mr Guillermo,

Dear Anubhav,

Our tour to Delhi and Agra was very comfortable and pleasent one. All of us have enjoyed the tour.
The driver allocated to us ( Manoj Kumar Sharma) was very punctual and friendly. Please pass on my appreciation and special thanks to him.
I would recommed your tour package to my needy friends in Dubai.
faceWish you all the best.
Best Regards , Joy Poulose

Hi Anubhav !

Iam very happy and satisfied with my trip to India. You really did a great job arranging the whole trip. The hotels are all beyond expectations. They were all very new,modern and clean. The staff were all hospitable and friendly. I commend the driver, Brikran and yourself. I appreciate you going out of your way to meet me at the airport. Thank you.
Will go back to India when able.
Iam highly recommending your company.
faceJuanita Rodriguez

Hola Samuel! como estas?

Los 5 días que estuvimos en India fueron increíbles gracias a ustedes, ya que la agencia cumplió con todo el itinerario y nuestras expectativas. Realmente nos llevamos un recuerdo muy lindo de todas las personas que estuvieron con nosotras en representación de la agencia, especialmente de nuestro conductor "Jitu" que aparte de ser muy amable y cordial tiene grandes conocimientos del país, su historia y su cultura. Mas que el conductor fue nuestro guía durante los trayectos entre las ciudades.
Estamos profundamente agradecidas con ustedes por todos los servicios prestados y no dudaremos en recomendarlos como una agencia seria a cualquier persona que este interesada en conocer un país tan extraordinario como la India.
Diana Marcela Ramirez

Hi Arun ,

We submit now a few comments on the website of the company. As soon as possible, if desired, we will send you some photos. From April 23 to May 5, into two we realized the desired trip to India. Selected area: the Golden Triangle, traveled almost the whole drive. After much research and contacts with Italian and Indian, we have chosen to Mr. ARUN, owner of Arv Holidays because the cheapest. Upon our return we want to show our full satisfaction with the choice made. Mr. Arun has proven to be honest and transparent in everything and not only in price. We offered what we wanted: to know India also social and not only the sights without tiring. Despite the roads being built and the hot, new and comfortable cars and drivers are competent and available hours 24/24 and good guides, all objectives were achieved. Except one: back in "Incredible India" to continue to meet and live together with Indian history, art, sympathy of this Country full of contradictions, and - after a good breakfast - have a lunch to eat lots of tropical fruit juices and drink lots of sugar-cane .
Grazie per le attenzioni avute nei nostri confronti. Anche perché vorremmo tornare in India, in tutta sincerità le vogliamo proporre di trovare alberghi TUTTI confortevoli e, per consentire di conoscere da vicino la vita degli indiani, più centrali. Un po' sprecata, poi, la giornata di ritorno da Varanasi. Se vuole ci mandi una programma con preventivo per un tour di 12 pernottamenti per conoscere "The best of India" ed uno sul Sud che preveda visite ai luoghi d'interesse, massaggi terapeutici e bagni in un mare pulito e pescoso. Periodi proposti: partire dal 27/28 dicembre oppure nel peirodo di Pasqua 2013. Nel tour "Best of India" sarebbe opportuno inserire anche la Visita al Museo della Storia dell'India. Infine una proposta. Se ne ha bisogno, noi siamo disponibilit a farle da corrispondenti per l'Italia. In tal caso, sarebbe opportuno che ci mandasse tutti i CD/DVD disponibili sull'India. Le inviamo alcune osservazioni da inserire nel sito della su compagnia. Appena possibile, se lo desidera, le invieremo anche qualche foto. Dal 23 aprile al 5 maggio in due abbiamo realizzato l'auspicato viaggio in India. Zona prescelta: il Triangolo d'Oro, percorsa quasi tutta in macchina. Dopo varie ricerche e contatti con operatori italiani e indiani, ci siamo affidati al Sig. ARUN, titolare Compagnia ARV Holidays Pvt Ltd. perché il più economico. Al nostro rientro vogliamo testimoniare la nostra piena soddisfazione per la scelta compiuta. Mr Arun ha dimostrato di essere onesto e trasparente in tutto e non solo nel prezzo. Ci ha offerto quello che volevamo: conoscere l'India anche sociale e non solo i monumenti senza stancarci. Malgrado le strade in costruzione ed il caldo, le macchine nuove e confortevoli e gli autisti competenti e disponibili ore 24/24 e le brave guide, tutti gli obiettivi sono stati raggiunti. Tranne uno: tornare nell"Incredibile India" per continuare a conoscerla e vivere insieme agli indiani storia, arte, simpatia di questo Paese pieno di contraddizioni e - dopo una buona colazione - per pranzo mangiare tanta frutta tropicale e bere tanti succhi di canna da zucchero.
faceCordialissimi saluti
Angelo and Cesira

Hi Arun ,

Hope all is well!
I would like to take some time and thank you for the well-organized trip. My kids visited India first time and they enjoyed. We loved Manoj our driver and kids still remember him. Please pass message over to him. The hotels Country Inn in Saket Delhi, Hotel Wyndham Grand in Agra, and Hotel Mariott in Jaipur were Beautiful. Do send me Manoj's email please.<
faceThank you and Job Well Done!!

Namaste Jass ,

It was great meeting with you. The trip planned with you was really very enjoyable. We could not have not have asked for a better driver for our trip. Makhan Bhai was most helpful and obliging. I suggest you train him to be your guide as well, he will do a good job.
Thanks for all your kind assistance and our best regards to Makhan Bhai
faceBest regards,
Saira Sheik

Dear Arun,

As I promised you, I'm sending a detailed opinion about the trip, we have been doing from 31/03 to 09/04.
First action was, to pick up from Delhi international airport my husband, all was fine and he arrived already to the hotel contracted by us, the second was the Delhi Trip, at first it seems to have a little confusion about date and people, but finally all was already solved, only a little observation about the Delhi guide, Mr. Ran...., he was correct, but not so good.
The next day we began the car trip with a driver named Manoj, he was our driver from Delhi, to Jaipur and finally to Agra, in this case we would like to inform you, that he is a very good driver, and we were very enjoyed with his services. At Jaipur we stayed at Golden Tulip Hotel, a wonderful hotel, and the guide was OK, all pass of according the planning and we enjoyed, hotel, guide, monuments and generally all trip a lot.
After go out from Jaipur way to Agra, we arrived first at Fatepur Sikkri, were we met Anil, our local Agra guide, afterwards we were conducted to the hotel Clarks Shiraz (a very good hotel, too), it was a very pleasant trip, during this day and the next morning when we went watching the Tag Mahal, only one think that you know, I'm a little sad, we would like to visit Tag Mahal at the night, because is near the full moon, days before I have informed you, and your answer were that it will be possible, we have not had any information from you about the needing of our official confirmation because is necessary to buy the tickets maximum one day before, it was a pity, because, probably in all our life, we do not return to Agra, about the guide, he have been done all possible to show us the monument by night, there comments were very interesting and we enjoy a lot the Agra visit. After Agra we have been conducted to a railway station, were we took the Varanasi train, that you know, we are not very confident with the train , but finally I'm very glad to say you, all runs very well, and the cabin were so correct. The day after, we arrived to railway station near Varanasi were, we met our local driver without any problem, finally the hotel in Varanasi, Jukaso is a little palace, and the situation is excellent, we met our local guide Vimal, and we enjoyed too our stay on Varanasi.
Finally we were transfer to the airport , flought to Delhi, and have been transfer by a driver to our hotel.
Generally all runed very well, except that you know, during our last day in Delhi, because first of all , there are a confusion with our hotel, and finally, we have not a driver to go to the international airport to back home, but after our call, and with the help of hotel staff, it was possible to be transferred to the airport.
We knows that it was not a very easy trip, we have a lot of meetings with different peoples and places, and we have not had any serious problem during the trip (including, drivers, guides, trains and flight's), many thanks for your good organisation and do not hesitate, that we will inform someone who ask us, about your good services.
faceMany thanks and NAMASTE,
Griselda and Jaume

Hello Jass,

I would like to thank you again for your well organised tour of Delhi and Agra for my group of 16. We'll surely not forget the experience of India we had for three days. We find that the driver and his assistant, your guides and you yourself were helpful and friendly throughout the tour. We'll surely want to have your services again if we have plans to visit India in the future. I'll also not hesitate to recommend your services to my Malaysian friends.

Hello Jass,

It was very nice meeting you in person. We completed our journey and we wanted to let you know of a few things worthwhile to mention to your Company. First of all, we would like to thank you personally Mr. Jass, for your professionalism during the entire communication between us. You were prompt to answer to us when we first contact you Company, you gave us all the information we needed, gave us the itinerary we wanted and –above all- you accommodated all our needs. We were very impressed when you called us on the last day to verify our well-being and comfort. That was a very nice touch from your part. Thank you so much for all your hard work. Everything in our tour was perfect and it went as planned: the itinerary, the tour guides, the driver, the mini van, the hotels... everything was excellent, well coordinated, on time and carefully planned.
faceCordially your,
Luis Manuel Martinez ,Marisel Asencio ,Jose A. Gonzalez

Dear Jaswinder,

Sorry for the late reply. But for sure we remember you and Mr. Ashok Bhai the driver your provided. He was very well mannered and cooperative person. Surely we will recommend him as well to be given more client from your Company. We also appreciated your hospitality and specially you receiveing us early morning from the airport and making all the arrangement as we have asked for. My testimony you can put on you site as written below.
Mr Khalid Shaikh and Family, Abu Dhabi
We booked a tour with The ARV Holidays Pvt Ltd. in December 212 to Delhi, Agra and major cities in Rajasthan for 12 days. The services provided to us was very good. The driver Mr. Ashok Bhai was really cool and very helpful, who really made our trip very special. The price was quoted to us was very Competitive and the quality of hotels were excellent. All our travel arrangements were confirmed well in advance by Mr. Jaswinder Signh who use to check on regular basis if we needed any help in our tour. In all we had a very nice trip with a family of 6 people. We will recommend this company to all our friend and relatives, who want to visit places in India...<
Mr Khalid Shaikh and Family, Abu Dhabi

Hi Mr. Arun,

Happy New Year!
Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We just got cDec ht up with work and kids school finals. It was a great trip and we enjoyed it. It was well coordinated and you were very receptive and timely. Our driver and his helper were excellent.They also gave good dinner recommendations always. Only suggestion is in regards to tour guides and shopping places they took us could have been different.We felt some places were just their choices and were expensive and something we had not planned on like Kasmir carpets, marble or expensive jewelry .As we were there and time was running out we felt pressured and did some shopping that we had not planned. Our recommendation is that you should give a list of shopping places with some variety so we could choose and let the guide know depending on the time and our interest. In Jaipur we heard that at Amber Fort there was an excellent light show. We had enough time that we could have done if the tour guide had told us. Chowkidhani is too commercialized and food was bad and would not recommend at all.Amritsar hotel was very average but I know it was a last minute change. All in all well coordinated and we enjoyed it and will recommend to our friends and family. You were very easy to work with and would love to do more trips in the coming years through your company. We are planning Kerala trip 2013 and we will let you know. If any deals come please let us know. We are also interested in just Rajasthan trip . Thanks for coordinating and our kids, my parents and us enjoyed the Golden triangle tour.
faceVeena and Prabhu Shiva

My Dear Arun Sharma,

I am Veena Prabhu's daddy,

Let me take the first oppurtunity of wishing you and your family and your team a very happy and prosperous new year-. I must thank you profoundly for arranging our trip to Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. It was an excellent arrangement, spotless, according to schedule. I must make a special mention of the Tempo Traveller driver Mr. Vinesh and his assistant Mr. Naren Singh. Particularly Vinesh was very courteous, well-behaved and was of great help in our tour. It was a memorable trip to be remembered for many years to come ( may not be much in my case, I am 75).All the credit goes to you. Wish you all the best, young man.
Please excuse me for being late in writing to you, the reason is we left for Kerala with Kiran Kumar and family. With regards.
faceSincerely yours
R Srikantiah

Hi Jaswinder,

Just a quick note to say 'Thank You' for organising our trip from Delhi to Jaipur. Everything went very well. Our driver, Devindr, was excellent company and a great driver. Please thank him again for us. May I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous .
faceMany thanks

Dear Nancy,

Prof. dr. sc. Marina Dabic and I have recently back home again: happy and full of unforgettable impressions from India. We would like to thank you and your ARV Holidays Pvt Ltd. for all your help and cooperating from starting to prepare our program and executing the best possible tour across you country. Everything was just superb: from developing the program to waiting for us at the air port (JASWINDER) in the middle of the night to the wonderful 12 days in the best possible environment for tourists who wanted to learn about your culture, heritage and modern achievement. The driver we met. Mr. Puran was decent person, very reliable and fully competent for making our stay both safe and relaxing. We are sure that your company can recognize and highly value your importance in making clients completely satisfied. God bless you! prof. dr. sc. Marijan Cingula
faceFaculty of Economics and Business
Zagreb, Croatia

Mr. Mike Burke, Mr. Jmal and Family, Scotland


we had booked a tour with The Best India Tours in 2008 to Rajasthan, Shimla and Dharamshala and the services provided to us were very good. We had a very good driver, who really made our trip very special.
The price was quoted to us was very reasonable and the quality of hotels were excellent. All our travel arrangements were confirmed well in advance by Narendra Sinha and we had a very nice trip.
We will recommend this company to all our friend and relatives, who want to visit India...
Mike Burke and Friends

Ms. Lise Gillis, Canada

Our experience with The Best India Tours was amazing.. It is certainly a company worth keeping long term relations with.. They took care of all our requirements during the trip and made it so memorable for us… All the staff was well informed and they guided us not only through new place of India, but also gave us a chance to know to the people of that hospitable country… I just want to thank them for treating us as guests in their homeland and not just tourists..and I wish them all the best!
faceWarm Regards
Lise Gillis

Mr. Peter Bury, London

Very organized company and great people! The Best India Tours and its people provided us everything that they promised to us for the trip. The accommodations, the food and the places were very fine. I had never been to India before, but our trip to Calicut, Periyar and other places in South India turned out to be great. All thanks to Mr. Arun who made sure that we were comfortable and satisfied throughout the trip. He kept in contact with us from their office in Delhi, even when we were miles apart.. I appreciate the efforts and will recommend them to friends and family back home.
faceThank you
Peter Bury

Ms. Valeria Didovyk, USA

I am Valeria and I recently took a Golden Triangle Tour to India with my two other friends.. I was completely happy with arrangements made by The Best India Tour for our stay and travel. It is a beautiful country, but it was difficult to make a choice from so many tour options available. Mr. Narendra has suggested us this wonderful package which we all really loved, and especially the visit to Taj Mahal. We were a little unsure when our guide asked us to visit the Taj Mahal during sunrise, but it was worth getting up early. Our guide not only knew the places well, but was also very helpful for finding reasonable places to shop for souvenirs. All in all, we had great fun and we look forward to come back soon..
faceAll the best

Ms. Christina Adams, Australia

If someone wants to know India in its true sense then choosing The Best India tour is the right thing to do. What a charming country and friendly people. Though all the destinations on our itinerary were well chosen, we enjoyed the houseboat journey the most. Our tour operator arranged for special diner for us and I really liked the gesture. I wish them all the luck for future and would love to travel with them in future.
faceWarm Regards
Christina Adams

Mr. Wayne and Alison Cox, UK

I will never forget this tour. It was a beautiful journey with so many wonderful places to see and experience. We loved the way everything was so well planed that we got to utilize every minute of each day. I thank The Best India Tour for such great efforts and I would definitely recommend them to my folks back home. In fact, any time I visit India in future, I would surely book my tours through them only.
Wayne and Alison Cox

Mr. Stephene, France

I had a time of my life!! This beautiful land has unbelievably wonderful places and all the more sweet people. Weather it was the hill stations or the jungle safari, I had fun in everything. My guide was not only well informed, but he was also an interesting person to along with, as he told us so many things about the local places and culture. All in all, I think it was a wise decision to chose The Best India Tour for my trip to India.. I am certainly satisfied with their work.
faceThank You

Mrs. Fauziah Binte Mohd Ali, Singapore

When we started on our trip, we were told that Kashmir is called the paradise on earth, and later it was proven too. India has a lot to offer in terms of its destinations and culture, and The Best of India Tours combined all the elements perfectly to make our trip so beautiful. I want to thank them for taking care of everything that we asked for during the trip, and it was obvious that they care for their guests a lot. It is a very professional company and they know how to make their clients happy.. Good work.
faceFauziah Binte Mohd Ali

Ms. Rawyne and Jonathan, New Zealand

Everything was as we wanted!.. It was great experience to book a tour with The Best India Tours. These people booked nice hotels and showed us India in the best way.. I liked the fact that the guides were very knowledgeable about each and every place that we visited, and I think their good contacts helped us get good bargains for everything.. India is a mysterious land and I loved the monuments and the forts that we visited.. It is so colorful that one feels like being in a fairy land. It feels great after taking this trip.
faceThank you
Rawyne and Jonathan