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Uttar Pradesh Tourism Packages - Chandra Prabha wildlife sanctuary

Discover a new feature of nature in Chandra Prabha wildlife sanctuary

It was one time a home of many Lions, Chandra Prabha is the most preferred wildlife sanctuary to visit and enjoy picnic among locals. It has been filled with superb picnic spots, tropical forest and picturesque waterfalls such as Raj Dari & Dev Dari & a dam close by called Chandra Prabha Dam. The Sanctuary was set in 1957 over a region of 9,600 hectares. The main part of the Sanctuary covers 2,686 hectares while the buffer area lies in 66000 hectares, which also includes Kashi Wildlife Division. It was a residence of Asiatic Lion from 1957-1970 but afterwards lions left from here. At one time when naxalite issue was not exist people used to gather here and enjoy the wildlife and natural beauty in winter time and also at the rainy season when waterfalls is the main attraction to the green surroundings of the sanctuary.

It offers a natural habitat with its beautiful views, number of caves in Vindhyan region & waterfalls for a crowd of animals & plants. The park has great potential to grow as a forest Tourism in the sanctuary where travelers can experience natural beauty and bio-diversity. Animals found here are Leopard, Black Buck, Chital, Sambhar, Nilgai (blue bull), Wild Boar, Chausingha, Hyena, Wild Cat, Jackal, Wild Fox & others. Next to this, there is a variety of colorful birds in the park. Chandra Prabha & Karmnasha Rivers, flows through the sanctuary have a range of fish. A notable development in the inhabitants of some creatures such as Leopards & Boars has been noted.

Places of Interest to see inside

Raj Dari

Bounded by the green forest, this beautiful waterfall is the major charm for the travelers. A picnic spot has been created by the forest department close to the fall from where tourists can enjoy the natural beauty.

Chandra Prabha Dam

The dam is found up stream on Chandra Prabha River close to the sanctuary and is the source of water for both the waterfalls. The dam called Chandra Prabha has been built by Irrigation Department.
One NIC (Nature Interpretation Centre), displaying the names of unique species, a library, a small tea coffee center and a Guest House with seven suites offered at very few rates, are situated inside the sanctuary, close to Raj Dari waterfall.


The wildlife Sanctuary is positioned in Chandauli region, in the South-East part of Uttar Pradesh between Chakia & Naugarh.

Best Time to Visit

Best month to travel is from July to February but the wildlife sanctuary is looks best at the rainy season.

Timings :

6:00am - 5:00pm, opens for all days in a week

Attractions :

Nature & Wildlife

How to Reach

It is easy to get by road and you can effortlessly reach by bus/taxi from the holy city Varanasi. The sanctuary is located at a drive of 70 km from Varanasi railway station and 55 km from Mughalsarai railway station.
The sanctuary is best for those people who want to go on picnic mixing with wildlife tour. Filled unharmed animals, the sanctuary are filled with green beauty and beautiful waterfalls. Just visit for once and the view of the entire surroundings will steal your heart and soul.

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