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Also called Sahet-Mahet, Sravasti, which has been the capital of Kosala Mahajanapada in the ancient times, is holy to the Buddhists as it has been the stunning place of the Lord Buddha. This place was used by Lord Buddha as an annual Vassavasa (a rainy season retreat) for 25 years.

Sravasti Pilgrimage Destination

Being the capital of an old kingdom of the same name, Sravasti is pious to the Buddhists for having been the stunning place of the critics of Lord Buddha by making a million fold announcements of himself, throned on a lotus with a thousand petals, as his body produced out fire and water.

Sravasti, which has been the capital of Kosala Mahajanapada in the old times, is also called Sahet-Mahet. Lord Buddha used this place as an annual Vassavasa (a rainy season retreat) for 25 years. The Sangha of Lord Buddha got advanced in order to be assembled into one place for being Lord Buddha present at this place. The magical feats displayed by Lord Buddha throned on a lotus and his several other stories provided fame to Sravasti. The woman to have come to resurrect her dead son contributed to set the most famous story. Primarily in order to present the confirmation about the supremacy of Lord Buddha and prove him as a legend, Sravasti has several other stories. In spite of not having the clarity about the actual happening of these things, the faith of the local people shows that these stories aren’t fictitious and the occurrences of the place are true. The exhausted tourists are also quickly cheered by the magical beauty of the place.

Major Attractions

The Ananda Bodhi Tree

Lord Buddha meditated under this tree for a night. According to the saying of people, this tree, which got its specialization from Lord Buddha himself, provides blessings for the devotees who perform meditation under it.

The Jetavana

Lord Buddha and his pilgrims stayed at Jetavana. The entire ground of the park (Vana) was covered with gold coins by a rich merchant, one of the followers of Lord Buddha. These coins were used by Lord Buddha to construct a Vihara (monastery) at this place. As per some stories, a huge seven-storied building was once situated at Jetavana, while according to the belief of some other people, this place has been home to the first statue of Lord Buddha. After all the stories, this spot is really a peaceful and cool option to forget any other anxiety of life and at this thing, people come to believe the facts being found as folklore among the community of the locality. Nevertheless, this place is home to some sculptures constructed by the Emperor Ashoka. These sculptures are equally attractive in comparison to other monuments constructed by him.

Devi Patan Temple

Located at the distance of 28 kms from Sravasti and also regarded as one of the most ancient spots on earth, Devi Patan Temple is believed to be one of the foremost Shakti Peeths of the Hindu pilgrims.

Shobha Nath temple

Believed to be the birthplace of a Jain saint named Sambhav Nath, this temple is revered by the Jain pilgrims.

How to Reach (Accessibility)

Located at a distance of approx 175 kms from Lucknow, the state capital city of Uttar Pradesh, Sravasti is situated in Sravasti district, Uttar Pradesh (India).

By Air

Situated at a distance of approx 170 kms from Shravasti, the closest working airport is Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport, Lucknow from where private taxis, jeeps and state buses can be availed to get Shravasti.

By Train

Located at a distance of around 17 kms from Shravasti, Balrampur Railway Station is the nearest railway station. The Gonda Junction Railway Station, which also falls nearby Shravasti, is well-linked to major cities in India.

By Road

Sravasti has a good connectivity with the rest of Uttar Pradesh. Located at a distance of approx 50 kms from the downtown Shravasti, the closest mega terminus is at Gonda, which is well-linked by road to cities such as Lucknow, Kanpur, Bareilly, Agra, Mathura and Allahabad.

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