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Places to Visit in Kanpur

Kanpur is the major city in Uttar Pradesh and situated on the edge of the Ganga River. It is considered that Kanpur is the main region where industrial rebellion started in the nation. The city was established by the monarchs of the Chandela family between the 10th and the 13th centuries. Kanpur is a hot tourist place in Uttar Pradesh and you can explore many places.

Being an undeveloped and manufacturing center, Kanpur has achieved a special position among travelers. Doing sightseeing in Kanpur is not a difficult task as all the points of interests in Kanpur can be found nearby each other. The city is filled with age old monuments and varied other constructions, which reflect the history of the site. Apart from this, the city boasts a number of parks, gardens, water bodies and religious sites to visit.

Places to visit in Kanpur

1. Dwarka Dhish Temple

Dwarka Dhish Temple

The Dwarka Dhish Temple is dedicated to God Krishna and found nearby the Kamla Tower of Kanpur. The Dwarka Dhish temple in Kanpur is lucky for the common people and all worshipped with complicated rites. Arti is acted all day in the Puja.

Swing Festival in the holy month of Sravana is famous with big display and experience people meeting in the Dwarka Dhish Temple. The statue is decorated with new attires, jewels and flowers. The swing is an intrinsic design of Indian civilization. It is symbolically known as a place of joy and flies away from the tensions of the world and liberty. Sharing of sweets or Prasad to the devotees mark the end to the bright carnival.

Kanpur has a deep-rooted religious culture which can be found in its tourist attractions. Among the admired holy places of Kanpur is the Jain Glass Temple which attracts a number of travelers.

2. Jain Glass Temple

Jain Glass Temple

The secular place of worship is devoted to worshippers of Jainism, the famous Lord Mahavira and the residual 23 Jain Tirthankaras. The temple is located in Maheshwari Mohal at the back of the well-known Kamla Tower.

The temple is delicately and ornately decorated in glass and enamel works. The entire temple is made of glass. You can see amazing elaborate mirror work in and around the place of worship on the ceiling, walls and floors. With an eye to accuracy and feature, the temple also boasts lively discolored glass murals that brightly relate the teachings of the respected Jain scriptures.

The temple also boasts statue of Lord Mahavira and the 23 Jain Tirthankaras are sited on a big base and covered by an elaborate awning. A travel to Jain Glass Temple overcome the travelers with an air of space calm and depicts a very well symbol of the secularism which triumphs in the country.

3. Kanpur Memorial Church

Kanpur Memorial Church

Famous as All Soul's Cathedral is an imposing structural design edifice that was built in 1875 to remember the bravery and spirit of the British soldiers who given up their lives in the turbulent Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh).

The structure is made up of lively red bricks decorated in multi-colored shades. The inside design of the church boasts the upsetting unforgettable tables, epitaphs and tombstones that pay an honor to those soldiers who gave up their lives for their nation. They also explain the devastated expectations and ideas of the young whose life ended even before it had perfectly taken off.

The memorial tells the unlucky mass murder of the Kanpur Barracks and the disloyalty of loyal Nana Sahib. A part in the east edge of the church includes the memorial garden and divided from the main structure by smartly carved and outstanding in look. At the point of the church stands a good-looking statuette of a seraph, intended by the well-known Baron Carlo Marochetti. Post - independence figurine and the screen have been transferred here from Kanpur's well-known Municipal Gardens close by the Bibighar well. Some of the very old graves are fascinating with attractive writings.

A visit to this wonderful memorial brings travelers face to face with the morose fact of the country struggle for independence, a struggle that caused huge carnage on both parts.

4. Bithoor


This place is popular as a spiritual site of Hindu faith. Take a drive from Kanpur to cover 20km to reach the place. It is considered as the Manu and Satrupa were made there. Aside from that, the sites are considered to be connected with the Hindu Epic “Ramayana”. Bithoor has witnessed many freedom fighters.

5. Jajmau


Jajmau, a community on the outer edge of Kanpur is positioned on the banks of the sacred Ganges is at the front line of the town’s industries. The city is a home to some of the country’s leather industries. Previously called as Siddhapuri, the historically important city of Jajmau was the previous realm of the Pauranic monarch Yayati.

The antique city of Uttar Pradesh boasts many primeval leftovers of which the heap placed in the town’s eastern edge earns special mention. Archeological successive investigate have exposed many very old parts that contain prehistoric ceramic, gears and not working among others that date as distant rear as 600 BC to 1600 AD and tell the story of numerous bygone ages.

The city is well linked and famous for its unique archeological sites. The other notable tourist charms of Jajmau contain the respected studies of Siddhnath and Siddha Devi temples and the crypt of Makhdum Shah Ala-ul-Haq, the well-known Sufi saint, established under the support of Firoz Shah Tughlaq and a mosque built by Kulich Khan.

6. Kanpur Agricultural Gardens

Kanpur Agricultural Gardens

The gardens are found in the Nawab Ganj region of Kanpur. A wide range of botanical varieties are refined here with greatest care. The garden is wonderfully bedecked and landscaped with cool bowers and bright flowers creating it a tranquil sanctuary.

The gardens are loved by every single one. The city witnesses boiling summers with low dampness and hot winds which are adverse for the floras enlargement. Thus, the floras require to be continually observed to keep away from damage.

7. Allen Forest Zoo

Allen Forest Zoo

The city is the recipient of various tributes. As the lively manufacturing center of the state in North India, the educational shows and the devotees of Kanpur not only mound admire upon the city's past distinction and travel charms, but also admires its natural inheritance patents in the form of Allen Forest Zoo.

Built in 1971, it was known on Sir Allen, a previous administrator of the British Indian civil services. The forest zoo scores among the best in the country and is stretched out over an area of 48 acres. It is also popular as a picnic spot among locals and travelers.

The zoo possesses a botanical garden which thrives in the bright shades of the seasonal blossoms. The botanical garden also has a set of some of the nation’s uncommon flora varieties. Complete with green plants, the garden is stretched with sparkling lakes which enhance the beauty of the atmosphere.

9. Brijendra Swaroop Park

The park is one of the highest lands in Kanpur. Positioned in Aryanagar region of Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) is scattered with green plants. It offers the favored site for most of the people crowds in Kanpur. Best for shows, festivals, camps and matches, the land is always in demand.

The park is situated in a very busy site of the town. It is bordered by clubs, lodging lands and accommodations. The wide lawns are loved by the people. Every so often, the Brijendra Swaroop Park is also busy such as the Handloom Melas, which appeals crowds of people from close.

10. Nana Rao Park

Nana Rao Park

Nana Rao Park is positioned on the west side of Phool Bagh, next good-looking park of the city. The name of the park is kept on Nana Rao Peshwa, the famous person who vigorously contributed in the initial War of freedom in 1857. The park has a past significance and earlier it is called as a Memorial Well Garden. But after freedom, it was renamed as Nana Rao Park. It is placed in the center of the Mall Road. Nana Rao Park is considered as the largest park in the city with good-looking flowers. The park has been planned very impressively with blossoming floras and fountains.

11. Phool Bagh

Phool Bagh

Phool Bagh is also a must-see park with a number of extraordinary plants and trees. Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial is positioned in the center of the park. An Orthopedic Rehabilitation Hospital was operated in this house after the initial World War. Now the structure of Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Memorial (K.E.M. Hall) is applied for unique civic meetings. Phool Bagh is a perfect place for family break in a tranquil site. Each year plenty of flower shows are arranged in this amazing park. The Public library and Summer House are situated in the Phool Bagh.

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