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Places to Visit in Vrindaban

Widely known as a pilgrimage place, Vrindaban is visited by Hindu devotees. It is positioned on the banks of the river Yamuna in Uttar Pradesh. The holy city is rich and oldest past linked with the Hindu God Krishna. It is considered to be a place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood here and many myths are associated around this city.

Vrindavan is also the most significant place for the followers of Lord Krishna. It is positioned right close to the Mathura and filled with a number of beautiful temple devoted to the religion of God Krishna.

Places to visit in Vrindavan

Govind Dev temple

The temple was built in 16th century by Raja Man Singh is a great sample of Indian structural design. It is an amazingly good-looking 7 storey temple devoted to Govind Dev, one more name of Lord Krishna. The temple has an interesting frontage, searching like a European cathedral as of the pillars and colonnades. It is created of red stonework and is presently in a state of substantial decompose, with the main puja connected activities having transferred to a little temple behind the main building.

Krishna Balram Temple:

Built in 1975 under the take care of ISKCON, the Krishna Balaram Temple is the most wonderful temple compound in Vrindavan and is seen as the religious and spiritual point of the globe. It has 3 spiritual places in the compound; one belongs to Sri Gaura Nitai, second is Lord Krishna and Balaram and third is Sri Radha. The temple celebrate many honor all aspects of Lord Krishna's life.

Bankey Bihari Temple

It is one of the most favorable temples in the city, built in the Mughal era. The temple got its name from the twisted pose of the Krishna statue, a statue with many histories. This statue is supposed to be similar of the image of Lord Krishna that Swami Haridas saw in a dream. The temple is the most popular place in the city and in the Jhulan Utsav, the temple management brings out a number of gold and silver hangs for the jhulan rites with many pomp.

Madan Mohan Temple

It is one of the ancient temples in Vrindavan and it witness pilgrims from all over the world. The place is very much connected to the life of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, a popular personalities in the Vaishnavite thinking. Located close to the Kali Ghat, the temple is considered to be built by Ram Das from Multan on the suggestion of Sanatan Goswami, a saint and fan of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. The actual statue of Madan Mohan had been moved to Karoli, Rajasthan and now a copy of the actual picture is worshipped at the temple.

Shahji Temple:

The temple was established in 19th century by Shah Kundan Lal and Shah Phundan Lal, is next major attraction in the city. The temple is devoted to the deity Sri Thakur Radha Raman Ji and sees a big of crowds throughout the year. The main attractions of here are the smartly made verandahs, which has the representation of the creators wonderfully imprinted into the floor - a strange feature of a Hindu temple. The temple also has a number of intelligent imprints on the walls.

Rangaji Temple

The temple was built in 1851 and widely known for its South Indian style structural design with an interesting environment. The divinity in the temple is known Sri Ranganatha and is symbolized as resting on the Shesh Nag. The impressive Dhwajastambha in the temple compound is very popular. The temple witnesses a huge arrival of travelers in the Brahmotsav in spring, where pilgrims pull the chariot of the god. The yearly Jalvihar fair is also one more major charm of the Rangaji Temple, when pilgrims across the country contribute in the holy bathg of the God.

How to reach Vrindavan

Air: Agra airport is the closest airport that is located at 67 km from Vrindavan. Continuous flights linked Agra to significant places in the country like – Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. From the airport you can get a taxi to get around Vrindavan.


However Vrindavan Railway Station is located on the Mathura-Vrindavan link. A number of trains connect Mathura from different parts of the country such as – Kolkata, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Agra.


Vrindavan is well-connected to Mathura and all other important tourist places by bus services and is positioned on straight road trip from Delhi and Agra. Reaching Vrindavan from Mathura is truly easy with frequent buses, autos or taxis. Traveling around Vrindavan
Autos and taxis are used to travel around the city. Attractions are located on very short distances from each other, but traveling through your own vehicle will give you flexibility. The lanes are crowded and it is better to hire a cycle – rickshaw to explore the market.

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