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Places to Visit in Meerut

Meerut is a superb tourist place in UP, which boasts some very exciting places to see and observe. These places can be covered by private cabs comfortably.

Meerut is situated in the west of UP houses an interesting history to tell its travelers. The city was added in Hastinapur Empire of Kaurvas that ruled in India and was the Heros of Hindu Epic of Mahabharata. The city again rose to distinction in medieval times when it protected itself fervently but unproductively next to Timor the Lame.

There are a number of travel charms in Meerut. You can enjoy popular tombstones of Meerut or travel the beautiful gardens in Meerut that are listed among the well-known Meerut travel charms. Tombstones in Meerut are such as - great structural designs and speak of the magnificent history. These tombstones erected in remembrance of some great heroes have left great marks upon human life. A travel to the tombstones in Meerut will take you to the history.

Places to visit in Meerut

Digambar Jain Temple:

The temple depicts years of history and offers you splendid surroundings inside the patio of the temple. Beautiful bright colored green idol of deity Bhagwan Parshvanath is also situated in this altar. Devotees consider that all wishes are accomplished and many hurdles are prevented when we offer prayers. This is an important spiritual place in Meerut where wishes of devotees are accomplished.

Suraj Khund Temple

Located at 67 km away in north of Delhi, Meerut’s ancient name was Mayarastra. Connected by roads and rails, Meerut is a great point for agricultural products and has a considerable sum of industry. The Suraj Kund temple is the most charming spiritual place in Meerut and you can see “the Shahpir” a Mughal Mausoleum. The attractions at old Sahipur Gate are worth seeing in your tour.


Draupadi the daughter of Queen Draupada and King Panchala, was a wife of Pandavas in Mahabharata. Draupadi had dark complexion but great charm. She was considered to be fallen down from the city of the gods with unparalleled radiance and grace. She was a huge devotee of lord Krishna.

Vidura ka Tila

Being a center of revolutionary place, it is the Meerut cantonment where the revolution for the liberty initially starts. Meerut is now a day developing business center which is also getting recognition in the field of arts, science and commerce. There are many tombstones in Meerut for which it is popular in local of Uttar Pradesh. This is a great travel place which have been preserved well by the tourism departments of UP.

Shahpir Meerut

Meerut reflects its lost magnificence through a variety of monuments that have stood the evidences of its turbulent past times. The great rebellion of 1857 took place here and there are many other such incidents that formed the hallmark of this lovely city. Though now Meerut is a well developed city it has witnessed a lot of fine creations during the times of the British as well as during the rule of the Mughals. There are various monuments in Meerut and they hold a lot of importance for not only the local people but also for the people of India who come here to visit these monuments. Among all these monuments the one that is worthy of appreciation and paying a visit is Shahpir mausoleum in Meerut.

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