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Also known as ‘Chakra Teerth’, Naimisharanya, which is believed to be the birthplace of numerous Puraanas, has been regarded first among the innumerable Teerths (holy places) in India. According to the evidence of the Mahabharata, Naimisharanya has been the abode of all the holy places for the Hindus on earth.

Naimisharanya Pilgrimage Destination

Popular from the period of Sata Yug or Kritha Yug, the most ancient period, Naimisharanya, which is believed that on exploring this holy place, people get rid of their sins, has been the penance performing sacred place of several sages. As per the description in several old Indian scriptures, man obtains Moksh (salvation or liberation) and immense powers (the eight powers that are mentioned in the philosophy of the Hindus) on visiting Naimisharanya, which is also called Naimish or Neemsaar or Neemshaar.

Chakra Teerth, which is called the Pushkar in Naimisharanya, is ranked first among the innumerable Teerths (sacred places) in India.

Being the birthplace of several Puraanas, Naimisharanya has been the knowledge gathering place of several sages for feeling self.

As per the evidence of the Mahabharata, Naimisharanya is the dwelling of all the sacred places on earth and resorting this place has the equality of doing with all the sacred places at one time.

Major Attractions

Chakra Kund Teerth

As per the statement in the Maha Puraana, Upa Puraana and Oupa Puraana, the Chakra Kund Teerth is home to the center of the disc made from the heart of Brahma and the drinking and sprinkling of the sacred water and taking a pious bath provides good result. Being the center and God of the earth, Chakra Kund, which is very pious, removes all sins. Spraying of the sacred water from this Kund provides a good result like the sacred bath after a solar eclipse.

Lalita Devi Temple

As per the several Puraanas, when Sati Devi burnt herself in the Yoga Agni of Daksha Yagya, Lord Shiva carried her body on his shoulders and began performing Shiva Tandav. Lord Vishnu cut the body of Sati Devi into 108 parts to save the creation of the universe from getting affected with the Tandav. Also called the temple of Lingadhaarini Lalita Devi, Lalita Devi Temple, which is one of the Shakti Peeths, presents the heart of Sati Devi, the part marked in Naimisharanya.

Vyas Gaddi

By dividing the Vedas into four major parts and creating Puranaas on this spot, Ved Vyas delivered this knowledge along with the knowledge of Shrimad Bhaagavath to his major disciples named Vaisampaayam, Jaimini, Pail, Angira, Soot and Shuk Dev and instructed them to disperse the knowledge all over the globe.

Swayambhoo Manu and Sathroopa

As per the statement of Padma Puraana, Raamayan and Ram Charit Maanas, the 1st man named Swayambhoo Manu and Sathroopa made the performance of penance here to attain God as their son and they got the grant of this blessing.

Soot Gaddi

Soot Gaddi is the spot, where Shounak and 88,000 other sages were delivered discourses by sage Soot.

Hanuman Gaddi and Paandav Kila.

By making Ram and Lakshman captives of the war, Ahiraavan took them to Paathal Puri during the battle between Lord Ram and Raavan. After killing Ahiraavan, Hanuman placed Ram and Lakshman on his shoulders and travelled towards south. Hanuman appears in this spot facing south for this reason.
The Paandav Kila is the place where the Paandavas performed penance till the duration of twelve years after Mahaabhaarath battle.

Dashashwamedha Ghat

On this spot, tenth Ashwamedh Yagyas were performed by Lord Shri Ram. The ancient temple at this place is home to the idols of Lord Shri Ram, Lakshman and Janaki along with that of Lord Shiva called Siddheshwar Mahaadev.

The Dadheechi Kund

To create a weapon to kill the demon Vritta Asur, Lord Indra begged sage Dadheechi for his bones. Revealing his ultimate wish of exploring all the sacred places and taking the sacred bath in all the sacred rivers of India, Sage Dadheechi agreed at this for the sake of the welfare of the people. An invitation was sent to all the sacred rivers and places to come to this spot as the will of Dadheechi would take a long time to be fulfilled and meanwhile the demon would invade them. This spot is famous as Mishrit Teerth or Dadheechi Kund since the sacred waters of all the sacred were blended. The benefits of taking a bath in all the holy rivers will be yielded by the spraying of the sacred water from this Kund.

Here, after getting his skin licked by cows, sage Dadheechi offered his bones to Lord Indra to make the weapon Vajra which was used to kill the demon.


Besides the above mentioned spots, Naimisharanya is also home to Hatyaharan, Seeta Kund, Rudraavarth, Devdeveshwar, etc.

How to Reach (Accessibility)

Naimisharanya is situated in Sitapur district, Uttar Pradesh (India) at the distances of 35 Kms, 40 kms, 100 kms from Sitapur, Hardoi and Lucknow respectively.

By Air

Situated at a distance of approx 115 kms from Naimisharanya, the closest working airport is Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport, Lucknow from where private taxis, jeeps and state buses can be availed to get Naimisharanya.

By Train

Situated on the Balamau-Sitapur Branch Line of Lucknow-Delhi main line at a distance of 25 kms from Naimisharanya, Balamau Junction Railway Station is the nearest railway station.

By Road

Naimisharanya is situated on the Sidhauli-Naimisharanya State Highway at a distance of approx 50 kms from Lucknow-Delhi National Highway (NH-24). Regular Bus Service can be availed plying between Sitapur and Hardoi via Naimisharanya.

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