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Uttar Pradesh Tourism Packages - Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary

Kaimoor Wildlife Sanctuary

Kaimur wildlife sanctuary is situated in Kaimur region (Bihar) and is near Bhabhua. Opened in 1982, the sanctuary is stretched over 1342 km. This wildlife sanctuary is situated in the famous Kaimur hills range. The valley part is filled with many waterfalls such as Karkat and Telhar and various lakes such as Anupam Lake.

Aside from the wealthy reserve of the flora and fauna, it is a home of century old caves, rock work of arts and unusual fossils. You can also get to know about the historical painting of the Lakhania which depicts the life of people and their ancient cultures. The century old paintings in terracotta colors shows hunting, war scenes, cattle grazing, decorative floor design, domestic chores, bee keeping, and others. Move forward to see Echo valley is another most important attraction where the phenomenon of echo is observed. You can also see Mausoleum of Sher Shah at Sasaram Dhaun Kund.

Climatic setting

It is distinguished by extremely hot summer when the temperature differs from 27°C to 45°C and the winter is cool when the temperature is experienced 26 °C. Rain fall is regular at the monsoon time. The south-west monsoon comes in June and regular till August.

Best time to travel

The best time to visit the place is from October to March as the weather seems cool and romantic.

Flora and fauna at Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary


It is packed by the medley plains, steamy dry deciduous forest and marshy marshland. Indian rosewood, teak, Saal, jamun, salai, siddha, koraiya and jheengar are some varieties of floras. The plants include Bamboo, Khair, Mahua, Palas and Dhau.

Nearest Airport :

The closest airport is located at Varanasi, which is just 112 km from the sanctuary.

Nearest Railway Station :

Sasaram, Dehri-on-Son and Bhabhua are some nearest railway station.

Road Accessibility :

It is easily reachable by road from Varanasi and Mirzapur. Robertsganj, the closest city, is connected by regular bus services or rental taxis to major centers in the region.

Accommodation Facilities

One can choose one from the three guest houses in Harrah, Mahuaria and Churk which offer normal facilities. Tourists Lodges and huts can be booked in advance for hotel. Also there is a terms of guest house from the management of forest department having 7 suits with a little charge of Rs 100 to Rs 300 in the sanctuary.

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