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Places to Visit in Kushinagar

A travel to Kushinagar would take you to the sacred land where Lord Buddha had left His bodily self. The terra firma of Kushinagar lies around in the sacred reminiscence of God Buddha. The forecaster had spent some days of his ordinary life here.

Until 1861 when General A. Cunningham and A.C.I. Carlyl exposed the hidden wealth through excavations, Kushinagar was concealed into forgetfulness. Once they recognized its ancient times, numerous mines done in between 1904 and 1912 redefined its personality.

Places to visit in Kushinagar

Japanese Garden

This beautiful garden boasts stupa and Buddhist relics that take you to the different world. From the age old historical objects to the delightfully planned gardens, the city appeals travelers for a number of reasons. As per the facts, God Buddha achieved his enlightenment in Kushinagar. Thought to be a great tourist place in UP, Kushinagar attracts travelers for its tombstones and gardens.

Buddha Ghat

This small ghat on the river Hiranyavati was built in commemoration of Buddha's cremation close to the river bank.

Ramabhar Stupa

Architecturally, it is a ruined place which is situated at 15m-high, dome-formed group of red bricks, but there is an instantly recognizable aura about this site which is hard to avoid. This is where Buddha’s body is said to have been burned and monks along with pilgrims can often be seen doing yoga by the palm-lined route that takes you around the stupa.

Mathakuar Temple

This little holy place situated among monastery ruin, where Buddha is considered to give his last lecture and now boasts a blue-stone Buddha idol, which is 3m. It is said to indicate from the 10th century AD.

Mahaparinirvana Temple

Built in 1927, the temple’s major attention is its wide lawns and very old ruins with a route. Its 5th-century lie down Buddha was discovered in 1876. The statue is 6m long and depicts Buddha on his very old death-bed and is one of the globe’s most touching Buddhist statues. There is a very old 19m-tall stupa, which is surrounded by a big bell erected by the Dalai Lama.

Buddha Museum

Shows Buddhist leftovers, statue and soils, discover from the Kushinagar area, in addition to some Tibetan arts that is known as a rectangular cloth paintings and Mughal mini images.

Dalai Lama Bell

A large bell erected by the Dalai Lama on the lands of early Kushingar close to Maharparinirvana Stupa.

How to Reach Kushinagar

Kushinagar is the main point of Buddhist pilgrimage in the country, where Lord Buddha left his bodily. Though, the place was beyond until dig exposed the ruins only in 19th century. The place still today continues to attract a number of travelers from all over the world. Tactically situated close to the Gorakhpur in UP, Kushinagar offers you good network by trains, road and air -

By Air

The adjacent airport is Varanasi, a number of airlines offer continuous flights to reach from Varanasi - Delhi, Kolkata, and Patna.

By Rail

Gorakhpur is the nearest railway station, which is a great railhead in Uttar Pradesh. Daily trains are operated to reach Gorakhpur from Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi and others. You can reach the city from all the parts of the country by train.

By Road

Road network connects Kushinagar from different parts of Uttar Pradesh. Gorakhpur away from 51 km, Sravasti away from 254 km and Sarnath away from 266 km and Agra away from 680 km are connected to Kushinagar by road.

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