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Chitrakoot, which is called the ‘Teerth of all Teerths’, has its importance more than Prayagraj (the ancient name of present time Allahabad and also called the king of all Teerths’). During His exile, Lord Rama made this place his temporary residence, which is home to ancient caves, temples, Ashrams and rocks even today.

Chitrakoot Pilgrimage Destination

Mentioned in the whole literature of India and holy books and capable of purifying the human heart, Chitrakoot, which draws the attention of the tourists by its beauty of nature, has been the dwelling of Lord Ram, his spouse Sita Ji and his brother Lakshman during their exile for approx eleven and a half years. Being renowned both for its spiritual heights and natural scenery, the sacred place of Chitrakoot thrills its visitors with the sights of a playful young deer, dancing peacocks and charming waterfalls. By immersing himself in the dust of the Kamadgiri and diving in the Mandakini/Payaswani River, a pilgrim is overwhelmed. The region of Chitrakoot, which has bestowed higher and higher spiritual status for thousands of hermits, mendicants, saints and sages and has made them capable of exerting a beneficial effect on the globe through their Sadhana, penance, Yoga, Tapasya and several arduous spiritual efforts, has been a live center of inspiration for cosmic consciousness from immemorial time. Pilgrims and tourists alike from around the globe are attracted by the very generous nature of this region endowed with all the gifts in her power. This region has been the dwelling place of Anasuya, Atri, Dattatreya, Sarbhang, Maharshi Markandeya, Sutikshna and several other sages, devotees, thinkers and seers. According to knowledgeable people, several little known places and caves are still used by a number of such figures to be engaged in Tapasya (meditation) in. With these things, this area is bestowed with a spiritual aroma to permeate its whole surroundings and make it spiritually alive in this period.

Known as the ‘Teerth’ of all ‘Teerths’, the area of Chitrakoot is rated as more elevated than Prayagraj (the old name of present time Allahabad), which is called the king of all ‘Teerths’, as per the Hindu belief and Prayagraj comes to Chitrakoot every year to get rid of his sins by taking a dip in the Payaswini while all the other ‘Teerths’ come to Prayagraj instead. People also say that when Ram made the performance of the Shraddha ceremony of his father, all the gods and goddesses came to Chitrakoot to participate the Shuddhi (i.e., the feast served to all the relatives and friends on the 13th day of a death in a family). Being spellbound by the charm of the place, they were reluctant to leave it because the presence of Lord Ram there enhanced a spiritual dimension to it. Sensing their willing to stay as per the wishes of Lord Ram, Vashishtha, the family priest didn’t remember to chant the Visarjan (departure) Manra. In this way, this place became the permanent dwelling of all the gods and goddesses forever. Even today, when a tourist gets this place scattered openly with ancient caves, rocks, temples and Ashrams with sages engaged in sacred and spiritual Sadhana, he will merge himself reluctantly in the surroundings charged with continuous sacred rites and enlightening sermons and participates the bliss of a globe much varied from our own. Impelled by an irrepressible willing to mend and heighten their lives, thousands of seekers of truth and pilgrims from every nook and corner of the globe reach this place.

Major Attractions

Kamad Giri

Believed to be the original Chitrakoot with its religious importance, Kamad Giri, which is a forested hill, is home to the Bharat Milap Temple. To seek blessings, a ritual circumambulation of the hill is performed by the pilgrims.

Sphatik Shila

Marked by two immense rocks, this picturesque spot is believed to be the place where Lord Rama and Sita fed their eyes on the charm of Chitrakoot.

Ram Ghat

The most frequented in Chitrakoot, Ram Ghat, which is the center of ritual activity, is situated on the banks of the Mandakini River. The especially graceful ‘Aarti’, performed at this Ghat in the evening is a must attend here.

Hanuman Dhara

Having an image of Lord Hanuman being cascaded over by the waters of a natural spring, Hanuman Dhara, which can be accessed by a flight of 360 steps, is situated on a steep hillside.

Janki Kund

Janki Kund, which is said to have been the bathing place of Sita, is an unusual cave over the Mandakini River.

How to Reach (Accessibility)

By Air

Situated at the distances of 135 kms, 175 kms and 275 kms from Chitrakoot, the closest airports are in Allahabad, Khajuraho and Varanasi respectively.

By Train

Located on the Jhansi-Manikpur major railway line at a distance of approx 9 kms from Chitrakoot Dham (Karwi) Town, Chitrakoot Dham Karwi Railway Station is well-connected to all main cities in India through Jhansi Junction Railway Station. Another option of nearest railway station is Manikpur Junction Railway Station situated at a distance of 35 kms from Chitrkoot Dham (Karwi) on the main railway line (Mumbai-Howrah/Mughal Sarai route via Allahabad).

By Road

State owned regular bus service links Chitrakoot Dham (Karwi) with some of the closest places of Jhansi, Banda, Allahabad, Satna, Kanpur, Agra, Lucknow, etc.

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